I support Labor’s plan to lower power prices, cut pollution, boost renewables and create more jobs.

Australia is in an energy crisis under the Liberals. Power bills are out of control, pollution is rising and the Liberals haven’t been able to agree on a policy amongst themselves.

Scott Morrison and the Liberals are divided and out of touch on energy and climate change. Scott Morrison supports privatising electricity assets and he opposes a 50 per cent renewable energy target. The Liberals aren’t up to leading the country in the right direction.

Labor has a plan to deliver more renewable energy and cheaper power.

Labor’s plan will be good for households, good for the economy and good for the environment.

Labor’s plan will:

  • Invest in more renewable energy
  • End the power privatisation mess
  • Stop over charging by power companies
  • Future proof our energy network
  • Plan the transition to renewables

Labor's plan to help households slash power bills

Australians love renewable energy because they know it saves them money.

That’s why a Shorten Labor Government will help Australians slash their power bills by setting a new national target of one million household battery installations by 2025.

Labor’s Household Battery Program will provide a $2,000 rebate for 100,000 households with incomes below $180,000 per year to purchase and install battery storage systems.

The Smart Energy Council estimates that household batteries would allow most homes to save more than 60 per cent off their power bills.

This will put households back in control of their power bills, helping them to slash electricity costs, as well as reducing demand on the electricity grid.

More information about Labor’s plan to slash household power bills can be found here.

Labor's plan to support the renewable energy workforce of the future

Labor has a plan to ensure communities impacted by inevitable coal-fired power station closures aren’t left behind as Australia transitions to a renewable energy future.

While coal will continue to be part of our energy mix into the future, and coal mining will continue to be an important industry for the Australian economy, a number of ageing coal-fired power stations will reach the end of their technical life in the coming years – 75 per cent of coal-fired power stations are already operating beyond their original design life.

It’s impossible for ageing coal-fired power stations to stay open forever. And it’s irresponsible to pretend otherwise. Australia must have a plan to help workers and communities respond to future closures.

A Shorten Labor Government will support local workers as Australia’s energy mix changes, helping them to plan for future and take advantage of the thousands of jobs available in renewable energy.

Labor will implement a long-term plan to ensure workers are supported and are first in line for new job opportunities including:

  • Establishing a $10 million Clean Energy Training Fund – to train workers in the skills they need for jobs in clean energy industries
  • Establish an independent Just Transition Authority –  to help plan for and coordinate the response to the eventual closure of coal-fired power stations in the future. The Authority will oversee pooled redundancy schemes and economic diversification plans in impacted regions.
  • Requiring all large generators to provide at least three years notice of closure.
  • Making it mandatory for power stations and coal mines to participate in pooled redundancy schemes – to help ensure every worker impacted by a closure is provided an offer of employment at a nearby power station or coal mine, subject to enough positions being created.
  • Taking a proactive approach to economic diversification for impacted regions and communities, guided by the work of the Just Transition Authority.

More information about Labor’s plan to support the renewable energy workforce of the future can be found here.

Labor's plan for more renewables and cheaper power

Labor has a plan to drive new investment in renewable energy and transform Australia’s energy supply systems – delivering more renewables and cheaper power for all Australians.

Labor will:

  • Double the original investment in the Clean Energy Finance Corporation – to support investments in large-scale generation projects like solar and wind farms;
  • Create an independent Energy Security and Modernisation Fund – to upgrade our energy networks and building new ones to lower prices and improve system stability;
  • Implement a new Energy Productivity Agenda – to lift productivity and efficiency so businesses can get more out of each unit of energy

More information about Labor’s plan for more renewables and cheaper power can be found here.

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Authorised N. Carroll, Australian Labor Party, Canberra.